Tarot Decks for Tarot Readings

Tarot Myth Busters

Are tarot myths getting in your way to working with the cards? I  frequently encounter some popular tarot myths holding sway out there in the world of divination.  I believe in making tarot more accessible as a spiritual tool. We can choose to free ourselves from limiting beliefs. Tarot Myth #1: Thou shalt not read… Read More

templefest 2015

It is said that there is witch blood running in our veins and that at an auspicious moment in our lives it rises to the surface and begins to call us home. Many years ago, I went to my first gathering of earth-centered, earth-mindful folk and I felt immediately a kinship that nourished me like… Read More

Three Card Tarot Reading

Learn to craft an engaging three-card tarot spread, that will open up your conversation with the cards You probably have seen the most common three card tarot spread that uses past, present and future for the query of the cards. As a beginner tarot enthusiast, I quickly felt like this format was a bit thin to… Read More

Canadian Conjuration Campout

A magickal life means cultivating a living spiritual practice or what I did at Conjure Camp… On Friday, June 26th, my car packed with camping gear and passport card in hand, I embarked to Ontario Canada, ready for a weekend of magickal immersion at the Canadian Conjuration Campout organized by the folks of the Dragon… Read More

Giving Voice to Spirit It starts when something deep inside you awakens and begins to tug on your soul.  You realize that the world around you is more than just the ordinary manifestation of the “seen” and acknowledged landscape.   Perhaps you were very small when it started, still a child full of vivid dreams… Read More