Coming to a halt and listening

What happens when Spirit delivers a message you cannot avoid?

I am very much a soul in motion.  Even my pursuits during my “time off” involve movement…hiking, dancing and rock climbing.  My vacations involve traveling to festivals, backpacking or more climbing.  For me, motion has always been a source of meditation.  The longer the hike or the more intense the dance form, the deeper the trance.  My time outside, on the land is where I commune with Spirit and where I receive much of my creative or spiritual information.

In the summer of 2011, I experienced an “unexpected” spinal injury that came straight out of the blue (Spirit Sent) and there was no misinterpreting the message…I literally was brought to a complete and utter stop.

While I do understand my role in manifestation, both conscious and unconscious, and I was very much aware that I needed to slow down prior to this ( I had actually taken a couple of restful vacations and was actively pursuing a lighter work load), there are times when we are not meant to be in control of a situation from a “ego” based place.  It was clear from the onset, this was one of those Spirit Directed experiences and my role was not to know ahead of time or to change or “force” the process.

An important part of the lesson at hand was not knowing the game plan ahead of time.

I most definitely would have taken different action and events would have unfolded differently.
I believe, both personally and as a professional reader, that there is aspects of the journey that are accessible to us from Divine Source, The Universe and our Spirit Guides.

This insight allows us to reflect on our the higher spiritual lesson unfolding and our role of conscious, co-creative action. But, I also believe there are situations when the Veil will not be fully parted.  There is a purpose to this.

There are times when experiencing life with the deeper spiritual lesson partially veiled facilitates unique learning and soul growth this actually in our Soul’s Destiny.

We are not always meant to avert challenges coming our way…while unpleasant, these bumps in the road develop parts of our soul that are needing to be stretched.
Healing over time.  We can still tune in, listen and co-create our way through veiled challenges.  There is a different pac eand level of trust (faith) that engages to move forward with no itinerary, no road map while maintaining a co-creative approach.  It is its own set of crossroads.  I have found that breathing in grace and measuring action or in-action against the vision of healing has been tremendously helpful. My body is setting the pace in a different tempo these days and that has allowed me to focus inward in a deep way.

Here I am hiking Winter 2014 on my long journey back to whole-ness.

win juno christmas hike

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