Giving Voice To Spirit: The Art of Being an Intuitive Reader

Giving Voice to Spirit

It starts when something deep inside you awakens and begins to tug on your soul.  You realize that the world around you is more than just the ordinary manifestation of the “seen” and acknowledged landscape.   Perhaps you were very small when it started, still a child full of vivid dreams and “imaginary” friends.  Maybe you were a young teen when suddenly you “knew” who was calling on the phone before it was answered (back in the ancient days when caller ID did not yet exist) or dreamt of specific events before they happened.  And then, strange synchronicities start occurring and soon after, they increase.  A book of tarot falls off a shelf and onto your head, strangers give you tarot decks (and you don’t even know what they are) and you start meeting people that are “into” tarot, runes and other methods of divination.

You begin to pursue all things divination with a hunger that requires satiation.  Initially, you believe that you are the one pursuing the knowledge, seeking to learn to read Tarot, but over time you understand that you weren’t the one pushing, you were the one being pulled.

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Spirit seeks to be heard, to be seen.

I believe that Spirit calls to us.  I also believe that while we all can learn to listen and communicate with Spirit, there are some that are born with a more acute ability to hear the Voice of Spirit already established.  I would even pose the concept that those beings are sent here with that wiring for a reason, because the world needs those that can listen. There are many paths to giving Voice to Spirit.  People have been utilizing the gifts of oracles, dreamers and shamans since ancient times.  Becoming an intuitive reader is just one way but it has an accessibility that makes it very tangible to integrate into everyday life.

The art of being an intuitive reader

Enchanted Tarot Readings


Being an intuitive reader is an art.  It takes time, practice, energy and experience to master any art form, so it is with mastering the art of reading.  Beyond the intellectual knowledge of the meanings of the cards, there is developing your art of divine flow as an intuitive reader. I liken this to a musician’s journey.  We can all think of an incredible musician that was born with a high level of natural talent, a spirit blessing, but they then spend years learning and mastering their musical vehicle (an instrument, their voice or both). However, the real magick takes place when they perform in a divine flow, stepping into an artistic zone that is a finely nuanced dance between spirit-led grace, training and talent.  You know when you are experiencing this in a reading.  There is no mistaking it as all else falls away and you feel like something else is directing your actions or speaking through you.

You may already be at this level in your journey or you may be struggling to get there.

I believe we are born with the ability to listen to Spirit still intact.  It is as we develop that this skill can become shut down or turned off depending on many factors.  Some folks are fortunate to be raised in environments where listening is encouraged and nurtured.  For those that want to reconnect, I recommend getting a tarot deck, oracle deck or a pendulum since having a tool to interface with Spirit grants permission for you to hear.  There are many great resources for learning the knowledge-base aspects of divination tools but it is vital that you practice on a regular basis.

Permission is now granted to listen to the Voice of Spirit

Remember, you are seeking to engage in a relationship of listening to Spirit as much as applying the intellectual component.   You can read more about how to engage the tarot cards in my blog post  Tarot From The Crossroads of Knowledge, Spirit and Intuition

 Now it’s your turn.

What practices help you expand your intuition?

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