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AwenTree is a magickal shop

welcoming to all Spiritual Traditions

AwenTree ShoppeAwenTree was born of my vision to create a unique expression of a shoppe, a magickal hub for the seeker; a place that celebrates and connects you with earth-centered spirituality, inspires your spiritual awakening and nurtures your healing transformation.

Perhaps you have discovered AwenTree on your journey to live a more soulful, creative and  inspired life.   My hope is that your time here will enrich your spirit and assist you in finding that which you seek.  AwenTree is a place where authenticity is essential to our mission.

Step through the door into a welcoming atmosphere

where meaningful connections are made,

whether here in the virtual realm

or at our store located in Easthampton, MA.

I believe we are all seeking connection to something bigger than ourselves. I know I was, many years ago, and that seeking pointed my path in the direction of healing, spiritual growth,  and heart-centered living.  On that journey, I encountered the transformational wisdom of tarot readings, the profound healing of reiki and deepened my magickal practices.  I infuse all the soul-ful-ness I have gathered along the way into my work at AwenTree.

However your heart, your soul or your path has directed you, I created AwenTree to be a spiritual oasis to uphold your journey.

Whether it is inspiration, healing, guidance or educational workshops, my role is to empower you to dream your mystical soul into being.  Whether you identify as a Seeker, Mystic, Pagan, Healer or another spiritual tradition or path, I believe that all branches are connected to the same sacred tree of life.

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Now that you have arrived; stay awhile to experience the power of magick to transform your life.

Winifred TannettaAbundant Blessings,


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