Reiki – Energy Healing

Are you seeking to restore vitality and be supported on your journey to wholeness?

Are you feeling ungrounded, depleted or off-balance?

You can realign, rejuvenate and revitalize your mind, body and spirit.

 Kick off your shoes, take a deep breath in, and exhale.

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The most important ingredient on your path of healing is you.


reiki handsMy role as the practitioner is to create a container of sacred space and attentively facilitate the energetic flow of healing so we can collaborate to nourish the roots of your soul.  You bring your willingness to  step forward into this transformational journey.   It is when you invite your consciousness into the healing process that the most profound shifts occur.

Nourishing the roots of your soul so you can flourish.

smudgeI provide heart-centered and soul-inspired Reiki & Energy Healing sessions that focus on inviting you back to wholeness however that is best for you.  I will support your journey of healing with private sessions that draw upon my years of experience with Reiki and Energy Work.   I bring to your session my full compassion, deep listening, intuitive guidance and professionalism.

During our time together, I will draw upon a combination of healing skills that reach beyond traditional Reiki and access my training in shamanic techniques, chakra clearing, gemstones/crystals and LuMarian (Divine Mother) Energy.  Based on spiritual guidance that I receive, I may use crystals, stones, rattle, drum and/or singing bowls.

What to expect during your session:

Your session will take place in a comfortable and relaxed setting in one of our professional treatment rooms at AwenTree.  We will begin with a brief intake to discuss your specific needs, areas of concern and intentions. This time is valuable in helping me clarify the best way I can support your journey to wellness.   While I will encourage you to take off your shoes, you will remain fully clothed while we do this work together.  I suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothing for laying down.

Book A Session with Winifred at AwenTree

Yes, I want a 30 minute Reiki & Energy Healing Session with Winifred

Reiki: Energetic Cleanse & RE-Vitalization
Reiki: Energetic Cleanse & RE-Vitalization
This session is perfect for general clearing and basic re-charging your major energy centers and meridians. This session is 30 minutes long.
Price: $45.00

Yes, I want an one hour Reiki & Energy Healing Session with Winifred

Reiki: Deep Renewal & Transformation
Reiki: Deep Renewal & Transformation
You will experience deep relaxation, renewal and revitalization in this longer Reiki & Energy session. In our time together, I will clear, re-charge and align all your major energy centers and meridians; aligning mind, body and spirit. I will draw upon multiple healing traditions to integrate crystals, gemstones, rattle and singing bowls as I am intuitively led. This session is one hour in length.
Price: $65.00

Reiki Sessions Package Deal; Purchase 3 One Hour Reiki & Energy Healing Sessions with Winifred and save $30.

*Sessions must be booked with Winifred. All the sessions must be booked within 4 months of being purchased.
Reiki Sessions Package Deal
Reiki Sessions Package Deal
Purchase 3, one hour reiki sessions (all three sessions are to be redeemed by the same person) for just $165 (that is a savings of $30). *Sessions must be booked with Winifred Costello. All 3 sessions must be booked within 4 months from time of purchase.
Price: $165.00

About Reiki:

Traditional Usui Reiki is a natural energy healing modality from Japan that restores vitality to the physical and the etheric bodies by balancing, harmonizing and aligning your whole being in a gentle manner.  Reiki is recognized as an alternative healing arts modality that reduces stress, promotes deep relaxation and provides opportunity for deep spiritual growth and awakening.

Reiki is a very effective at supporting the body’s own deep knowing in the return to wholeness.  It is these attributes that allow a Reiki session to invite you back into alignment and encourage the body’s own healing process to be triggered.  Reiki in many ways is the simplest form of healing utilizing light therapeutic touch or even no touch (working long distance or solely in the auric field) but its effects are profound.

o (15)-900Does Reiki resonate deeply with you? Do you feel called to learn how to “do” Reiki?  Ask me about my Reiki Training Programs.


About Shamanic Healing Techniques:

Shamanism is humanity’s original spiritual tradition and it is still speaking to us in our souls, our blood and our dreams.  Our ancestors understood and respected that there was more to healing and well being than just what can be seen or touched in the physical world.   As a Traditional Healer and trained Seer, I recognize and work with all the levels of your being in order to assess, clear, align and restore balance to your life.  In the “modern world” it is standard for Western Medicine to focus solely on the physical level when addressing issues that appear.  While it is important to tend to the physical realm, there is more to the journey of wholeness that just the physical.  There is a relationship, a web, an interconnection that exists between the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual. I draw upon both seer and shamanic healing techniques, to work with the visible and invisible worlds, assisting you in reclaiming personal power, restoring harmony and alignment of the etheric bodies.

About LuMarian (Divine Mother Healing) Energy Work:

LuMarian Energy is a healing arts modality that engages your awareness and conscious participation to effect positive change as part of your healing process.  LuMarian Energy was originally received and developed by Elizabeth Lawrence and works with the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine as sacred source for initiating transformation.   “Lu” comes from the Greek word for light and “Mar” represents the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine with the “ian”representing balance between the feminine-masculine principle.  LuMarian Energy supports the shift that comes when you activate your will to make positive change, access healing energy and step into intentional living.  We will work through your chakras and energy fields to clear old stuck patterns and stories that are holding you back from your highest resonance.

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal.” -Rumi

About Reiki & Healing Arts Services at AwenTree

Reiki is a healing technique that empowers the individual to take responsibility for their own wellness and is intended to compliment conventional medicine. Energy work has been shown to be beneficial to the healing process. Reiki, Energy Work and Healing Arts Services are not a tool for diagnosing illness.

We do not give recommendations or advice for the treatment of specific illnesses. We do not diagnose and we do not practice medicine.  Reiki, Energy Work & Healing Arts Services are in no way intended to constitute medical care nor is it a substitute for medical treatments. We do not treat, cure or prevent any health related condition.

It is recommended that you consult your primary care physician or qualified, licensed health care practitioner if you have concerns about your health or well being.