Work with Winifred

Welcome to my corner of the world where I weave together wisdom, creativity, love, healing, intuition and magick to help you bring forth a purposeful life.

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I’m Winifred and I am excited that life’s synchronicity has conspired for us to meet.

If you have found yourself here, reading this page, most likely you are  a kindred spirit.

Did you sense your were somehow “different” from an early age and knew that there was more to the world than met the eye?

Have you felt compelled to live from the heart and connect to your higher purpose even if it meant living an unconventional life?

Did the leaves of the trees whisper poetry as you played beneath them, the wind sing secret songs and the moon call to your blood?

river may full moon

If you have awakened to a deeper, more meaningful way of being, and cannot go back to who you were before, come on in.

If you are seeking kindred experiences, people and places, come on in.

Get comfortable and sit for a spell.  Let’s get to know each other, because we share common ground.

My story…

This is me.

This is me.

I was blessed to be born into a loving, lively and loud family descended from first generation Irish-Italian immigrants that nurtured my curiosity, creativity and spirituality.

On both sides of my family there were independent minded, strong women who practiced divination

My Irish Grandmother.

My Irish Grandmother.

arts.  My Irish grandmother read tea leaves and my Italian great aunt read the “Malocchio”, the “Evil Eye”, with olive oil.   My mother passed onto me the Irish folk traditions and cures that her mother taught her.

Growing up, I was encouraged to be outside often and to help in the garden.  I would beg to stay out playing at dusk because I loved the sweet wildness and magic the twilight held.  I was also a child “haunted” by vivid dreams, visitations and nightmares that I did not fully understand.

Looking back on the these influences, I am sure it is no accident that I felt compelled to get my hands on anything I could about ancient mysteries, goddess traditions, psychic abilities and the mystical from an early age; whether in the library, bookstores or the local magickal store not too far from my home.

The call of my wild Spirit-Heart

My wild heart came alive when I traveled to the remote boundary waters of Ontario during extended, month-long summer trips as a teenager.   I delighted in the fact that access to this wonderful and untamed land, was by one hour boat ride (after a four hour car ride) to stay in a rustic cabin (imagine no phones, no electricity, no planes even crossed the sky) on an island.  Travel, once you were dropped off, was only by canoe.   Northern Lights danced across the sky, loons sang into the sunset and something deep within my blood awakened.

I was transformed by those summers.

win rain hike daksOnce I tasted the raw beauty of the northern wilderness and connected to the elemental forces of the green earth, I could not stay in.  I was passionate to travel; backpacking up hidden trails, snowshoeing across frozen paths and climbing mountain cliffs whenever  I could get away.   I also took up more stationary, earth-centered practices such as organic gardening.   My time outside directly impacted my spiritual journey and provided soul-full healing.

The road less traveled sometimes has potholes but the most rewarding view…

While I have many wonderful and radiant memories, my life has not always been easy; actually far from it.  I had my share of personal obstacles and wounds to overcome; some of them fairly daunting.  But I know this, whenever my path diverged in the woods, I choose to follow the voice of my heart.

That has led to an interesting and winding journey, with some great and not-so-great scenery and side trips, but in the end I know that I am richer for it (and I mean those inner riches that feed your soul and define your truth).  I have experienced the deep sorrow of losing loved ones.  I have navigated healing a debilitating spine injury that profoundly affected my life.  I have stumbled when learning to love deeper and learned to love even more completely.

I knew that to achieve my goals in life, I had to fearlessly unpack my paradigm of scarcity-lack-thinking in order to shed, transform and evolve into abundance-living.

I sought to know my authentic truth, to live boldly, to learn to love unconditionally and to step into the flow of healing grace.

I was initially drawn to the world of alternative healing therapies and earth-centered spirituality many years ago in my quest for personal healing. I consciously choose to find and embrace my inner radiance. This led me to work and study with inspirational mentors and teachers that were instrumental to my healing journey and spiritual growth.  They illuminated my path toward understanding the transformative nature of alternative healing and magick; the profound benefit of merging many threads into one tapestry to create change and restore well being.  And on that journey, my passion to help others was ignited.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit

And all along, I knew deep within my heart another truth….something resonated deep in my soul whenever I stood beneath the moon, connecting to the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, touching plant spirits, dancing the rhythm of the Wheel of The Year…. I was born a  Witch Spirit and needed to follow the ancient ways of the earth-centered spirituality.   You might say that once my spirit blood was awakened, it could not be silenced; leading me to learn the ways of the Wise Woman, the Cunning Woman, the Traditional Healer and the Craft.  Standing, rooted in the light, embracing the Witch as Healer, the Witch as Spiritual Midwife, is my soul’s purpose.  I bring this wisdom forward to positively inform and inspire my  work with my clients.

What I discovered….

The real magick lies within you.

If you are seeking to reclaim your power, find your voice, stand in your truth, define who you are, free your mind, body and spirit from limitations and re-member your whole-ness, I am ready to work with you.

My goals are to empower your authenticity, grant you permission to embrace the sacred, invite you to unlock the healing power of unconditional love and forgiveness, encourage your spiritual revolution of grace and dream your wild soul into being.

My Official Bio:

166-6692_IMG_2 (2) win's photo for web handfastpageSpirituality is perennially woven into the fabric of Winifred’s Path.  She has more than 20 years of direct experience and knowledge in Paganism, Goddess Traditions, Witchcraft, Sacred Dance, Reiki, and Tarot. Her interest in American Indian Spiritual Traditions has led her to learn about their history and culture.

AwenTree is the manifestation of a lifelong dream to create a magickal hub and sustainable business that celebrates spiritually-inspired living, honors Sacred Traditions, in particular Pagan and Earth-based Paths, and encourages healing and transformation for all beings and the Earth.

Embracing the divine ability for all beings to connect to Sacred Source, she empowers others to find and listen to their inner voices, and to participate in the Sacred Traditions that honor life.

Winifred, founder and proprietress of AwenTree, became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1997 and is a LuMarian (Divine Mother) Energy Practitioner.  She is a NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. She served as a Board Member to COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources) in 2008.   She is the Local Coordinator for Western Mass Pagan Pride Day. She has a background in performance management and visual merchandising from her career as a retail manager in the Outdoor Industry.