About The Shoppe

At AwenTree, we’ve been helping seekers manifest a heart-centered, empowered and magickal life since 2006.

We offer a carefully chosen array of artisan jewelry, candles, sage, incense, aromatherapy sprays, gemstones and crystals. You will also discover a diverse selection of books, tarot decks, runes, faeries, statuary, pagan and wiccan supplies, and much more.  Didn’t find something you were looking for?  Ask if we can order it for you.

As part of our commitment to spiritual exploration and growth, we host classes, workshops and events with knowledgeable and engaging teachers, presenters and authors.  We are invested in providing a welcoming and supportive environment for our educational services.  Our presenters are mindfully selected and topics range from The Craft/Pagan to Metaphysical; nurturing healing, spiritual development, and honoring the sacred.

Perhaps you arrive on the doorstep of AwenTree seeking renewal, rejuvenation and deep nourishment.

We know from our own journeys of transformation how important alternative healing arts services can be to facilitating the very shift you are seeking.   It may be the guidance and validation that a tarot reading offers or it may be energetic cleansing of an reiki session that will be the catalyst for positive change in your life.  We host a circle of dedicated and professional practitioners to support you on your path of wellbeing.  Reiki, Sound Healing & LuMarian (Divine Mother) Energy Work, Past Life Regressions and Tarot Readings weave together a wholistic, co-creative approach to healing.

AwenTree is a shop located in the “Cottage Street Cultural District” of Easthampton, Massachusetts, which is nestled between Nashawannuck Pond and  Mount Tom.

AwenTree’s Mission

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and healing atmosphere that inspires the unique process of spiritual awakening, empowerment and healing transformation through our choice of products, alternative healing modalities and educational services.  It is our intention to create sacred space to come together to learn and explore our deepest soul expressions; empower us as healers, dreamers, and co-creative partners in our personal journey on the earth at this time.    We are a socially conscious business and as such, we believe in the restoration of wholeness, to ourselves, our community and the earth when we fully reclaim our power, embrace our authentic lives; living present and grounded in the sacred center of your soul.


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