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ReikiReiki is a natural healing modality from Japan that restores vitality to the physical and the etheric bodies by balancing and harmonizing your whole being in a gentle manner. Reiki is recognized as an effective complimentary therapy that reduces stress, promotes deep relaxation and provides opportunity for deep spiritual growth and awakening. 

A Reiki Treatment is a non-intrusive, gentle process that takes place either, laying down or sitting up, fully clothed in a comfortable and safe setting in one of our professional treatment rooms with a trained Reiki Practitioner. A standard session can be either 30 minutes long or for a full hour.  

A brief, free consultation will help you to evaluate the duration and quantity for your individual sessions to best suit your needs. 

Reiki Treatments are flexible and therefore, adaptable to travel to most environments; an office, nursing home, hospital, hospice or home when it is not possible to come to AwenTree for treatments. A fee to accommodate travel costs will be assessed for each situation requiring travel. 

About the Reiki Master Teachers at AwenTree

Winifred Tannetta began her Reiki Journey in 1995 and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1997. Winifred is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Guide of Hypnotists (NGH).  

As a Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher, Winifred is dedicated to her clients and students; providing a supportive, compassionate environment that encourages wellbeing, personal growth, and awakening.  Drawing upon her years of personal experience working with the healing and transformative vibration of Reiki, she encourages others to actively participate in their own sacred journey of transformation and healing.  Winifred creates sacred space for others to explore their highest potential, step into their power and embrace their authentic self.    

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½ Hour Session         $45.00
1 Hour Session          $65.00

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AwenTree - 413.527.3331 | 102 Cottage Street . Easthampton . Massachusetts

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