Spiritual Readings (Eerindinlogun) with Cowrie Shells with Asindemade Jose at AwenTree

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December 10, 2017 @ 12:30 pm – December 11, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
102 Cottage St
Easthampton, MA 01027
$65 for 30 minute session, $125 for one hour session
Winifred Costello

Erindinlogun, the cowrie divination system owned and governed by Oshun, is the most profound and beautiful body of creation with traditional roots.

Baba Asindemade Jose

It is a special opportunity for me to be able to host Baba Jose at AwenTree for one-on-one private, spiritual readings on Sunday, December 10th.  This way of reading is a map from which humanity sprung, heads interacted, consciousness evolved and ulitmately sets the framework for a true alignment if living.

 From Asindemade Jose,

“This way of life is free flowing, adaptable to the society in which it roots as we have seen so well here in New York grow over the last 60 years.
Odu, the source of wisdom with which to live a better life and evolve your head into a great, long living, productive citizen of the Earth, is an all encompassing womb of creativity forever expanding, and weaving the story of Us on Earth.
This wisdom can be accessed through those heads who have chosen to commit their energy and tap into, through dedicated study, the Tree of stories. These stories, along with traditional poetry, local idiosyncrasies, and the collective consciousness of the Diviner’s spiritual and blood ancestry, sit together and assist them in interpreting the Odu as it would be on a tray to a head before them.
At this tray a spiritual  “prescription” is given, a conversation is had, and the best method of assisting the Ori being assessed is reached to be taken care of as soon as possible.
This process still fascinates me, it ensconces my inner artistic madness, and serves as a roadmap of thought and creativity in my beading, and ultimate story telling of the Orisa and Olodumare’s full spectrum of love on the Earth.”  © J. Irizarry

Baba Jose will be at AwenTree offering spiritual readings and consultation in 30 minute and one hour length sessions.  Appointment Only. Please contact Winifred to book your reading. 

Asindemade JoseGeneral Spiritual Reading:
Your reading will include detailed analysis and consultation with Eerindinlogun (cowries/buzios) for personal health, emotional balance, relationships, finances, career growth, and overall spiritual development.
Cost: $65 (30 minute session)

Life Purpose/Path with the Orisa: (for 1st time Seeker/newly interested) A comprehensive reading which maps all of the identifiable strengths according to your own Ori (head) and a guideline to simple daily rituals which will enhance your alertness and mindfulness in enJOYing all of the blessings inherently accessible to your Ori. Tutelary Orisa, and other deities requiring worship can be identified at this time.
Cost: $125 (one hour session)

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