Orion Foxwood’s Workshop: Magickal Power in Motion

December 5, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
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Winifred Costello

Magical Power in Motion: Owning Your Power in Powerless Times with Orion Foxwood

There is a fierce unrest in the heart of humanity right now.

Many people feel fear, others futility, some feel fury; but, all feel discontent.

How do you not become caught up in the tsunami of emotions and pulled into an undertow of ancestral wounds when faced with sexism, racism, gender oppression, homophobia, trans-phobia and the list goes on?  How do you move into purposeful action?

Magick rears its head most powerfully when freedom is most challenged. Great examples of this is Voodoo and the Haitian slave revolt, Aradia’s witchcraft, the Etruscan slave revolt, Moses and the exodus of the Hebrews, Hoodoo and Conjure and the emancipation and reformation in America.

It’s is time to grow your “magical muscles” for yourself, those you love, those with no voice and Mother Earth Herself.

To be responsive and effective agent of change, you must move beyond being merely spiritual or mystical; embracing and empowering yourself as a magickal practitioner. But today’s magick worker must have strong inner muscles and sound techniques for the heavy lifting before them. Magick is the “art of conscious creation,” so… now it the time to witch up!

In conjunction with the launch of Orion’s new blog, “Magic with Muscle: From Fear to Fortitude” with the esteemed Witches and Pagan’s Magazine, he is offering this workshop to help empower people to step into their power and become conscious co-creators of a better, healthier, more loving, and prosperous world.  One that is inclusive and whole in its vision.

Join Orion Foxwood as he covers the following topics and techniques including:

  • The nature of power
  • The role of magic in change
  • Harnessing magical power
  • Feeding, fueling and igniting spiritual fire
  • Claiming our head
  • Warding away wickedness
  • Clearing confusion
  • Aligning with Ancestral and Divine power

This workshop is being offered at a special rate of just $30

Orion Foxwood's Magical Power in Motion
Orion Foxwood's Magical Power in Motion
Yes, I want to learn how to empower my magick to be an effective agent of change during challenging times.
Price: $30.00

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