Orion Foxwood’s Fixing & Working A Magickal Candle in Conjure: 2 Class Series

December 5, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
online workshop
$90 (cost includes both classes in series)
Winifred Costello

How to Fix, Dress and Use a Working Candle, known as “Setting Lights” in American Southern Conjure: 2 Class Series with Orion Foxwood

Candle magic, or “Setting Lights” as it is called in Conjure, is a time honored and effective practice across traditions. However, it is too often treated as simplistic and trite or complex and overly arcane. The actual effective practices are powerful, practical and use many items that are already in your spice cabinet.

In this two class series, participants will learn about the practice of dressing, fixing and working a magic candle including the seldom taught process of engaging  “the pillar of flame”, the wax and its power of memory, and the legacy of liquid fire.

In this 2 workshop series, Orion will share lore, techniques and practices that are often guarded as secret within this practice:

  • The philosophy of fire.
  • The magical properties of candle wax.
  • The life stages of a working
  • Sealing a candle for later use.
  • Building and transitioning power during one burn or across burns.
  • Reading the burn, smoke and wax for impact and guidance.
  • Understanding the concept of “fixing”, “loading” and working/burning.
  • The process of gathering power into the candle.
  • Drawing the “Light of God”.
  • Dressing, loading, butting a candle.

Orion will teach with a hands-on approach in these sessions covering:

  • Using a pendulum to assist in the selection of herbs, oils, stones and other allies.
  • Cleansing and baptizing the candle for its new life.
  • Selecting a time for the work using the day of the week, time of the day.
  • Multiple ways of using petition papers.
  • Ways to dress the candle including a selection of oils and a discussion about prayer spit, use of personal liquids etc.
  • Igniting and covering the power in the candle by pulling power down from the heavens, through the ancestors and through the oil to anoint the candle.
  • Feeding the candle (the oven using liquor, coffee grounds).
  • The working area for the candle (mirror, colored clothes etc.)
  • Demonstrate loading the candle with assorted items.
  • Marking and sealing the candle against all intrusions.
  • Drawing the light of God to the taper to the working candle.
  • Reading the burn (wax, smoke, and fire).
  • Extinguishing the flame and disposing of the wax.

This is an online, two part workshop series, Nov. 28th and Dec. 5th. The pricing includes online attendance at BOTH workshops and access to the recording/replays available after each session airs.  You can opt to attend the live broadcast or to watch the recordings at a time that works best in your schedule.  You only need a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone and good quality wifi/internet to access the online classes.  If you have any questions please contact Winifred at winifred@awentree.com



Rate for BOTH workshops (Nov. 28th & Dec. 5th) in the series: $90

Orion Foxwood's 2 Class Series: Fix & Work with Magickal Candle in Conjure
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Price: $90.00


About Orion Foxwood

Orion Foxwood, Author, Teacher, Conjure, Seer and WitchOrion grew up with the second sight in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, an area rife with the folk practices of the southern and Appalachian tradition. He is a witch and Elder in Romano Celtic-Traditional Craft, High Priest in Alexandrian Wicca and teacher of the Faery Seership tradition. He is also the founding Elder of Foxwood Temple and a primary founder of the Alliance of the Old Religion, a national network of covens in his line that have united to preserve the ways of his Elders. He was the co-director of Moonridge, a center for metaphysical, Craft and Faery studies in Maryland. For over 20 years, he has lectured extensively across the United States and in the United Kingdom on the Craft, Faery Seership Tradition and Southern Folk Magic and Conjure.  He is best known for his teachings on traditional second sight and folkloric Faery practices originating in the ways of the Faery Doctors and Cunningmen of Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the conjurers of the American South. His teachings are based in traditional folk practices aimed at direct spirit contact for substantive personal transformation.




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