Orion Foxwood’s Conjure & Craft of Skulls; Ancient Practice in Modern Magick

February 6, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
online workshop
Winifred Costello

The Conjure and Craft of the Skull: An Ancient Practice in Modern Magic with Orion Foxwood

There are few images more linked to the practice of magic and witchcraft than the use of bone-skulls (human and other) and skull-images.

The very sight of a skull often inspires deep, primal, foreboding (yet strangely delighting) and perhaps even “forbidden” feelings. After all, we only see the skull in its full, exposed form when its original owner has died. But, why does it intrigue us? Why does a “dead-bone” have so much life in our spirit?

Conjure & Craft of Skulls, AwenTree

Perhaps, it is because of its ancient grip on our magical practice.

Perhaps it is because nothing with a skull remains alive in this world without its head.

Perhaps its is because the head is often seen as the house of the spirit; and, a part of our spirit-doctoring work is about clearing and claiming our own head.

Or, perhaps merely viewing it simply strips our concept of life to the bone and connects us into a stream of ancestral wisdom and power…. without all of the window dressings of necessity.

Ancestral AltarsThe skull is a powerful tool for ancestral contact, oracular reading, personal head work and confusion-conjure and it does NOT have to be loaded with power. It already has it! And, it does NOT have to be a bone-skull to pull on the lineage of power in it. We know this instinctively as you will be hard-pressed to enter any botanica, voodoo, witchcraft or root-work shop and not see many skulls images there.

Join Orion as he shares lore about:

  • The “talking skulls”.
  • Skull-candle work
  • Loading skulls
  • Using stone/ crystal heads
  • Animal skull work
  • The skull and crossbones
  • The “warding head” and many other  practices.

You can purchase the recording of this workshop for $45

Conjure & Craft of Skulls with Orion
Conjure & Craft of Skulls with Orion
I would like to purchase the recording of Orion Foxwood's online workshop, Conjure & Craft of Skulls, an Ancient Practice in Modern Magick. *Please check your inbox after purchase for access to your recording
Price: $45.00
*This is an online class.  You can choose to attend the live broadcast or to watch the replay/recording at a time that works best for you. You do not need any special equipment to attend the online class, just good wifi and a device such as a tablet, smart phone or computer. 


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