Tarot Readings

Are you looking to explore a situation, challenge or opportunity in your life to better understand how to create change and move forward?

Are you local?

You can come to the store for an in-person tarot reading.  Scroll down to find the reading that is best for you.

Not local?  

You can book any of the following readings with Winifred via skype or phone.  To book a skype or phone session, just follow the instructions that are emailed to you after payment.

Tarot Readings

Deeper Wisdom Tarot Reading:  $45

Are you seeking insight into one situation or decision?  Do you have a burning question you would like greater insight on?  A Deeper Wisdom Tarot reading offers you candid clarity into your area of query.  I will provide you with succinct guidance and empowering information to your question, from money matters to love.  My readings are spirit-led and heart-centered as I connect to my guides and allies while working with the cards.

In a Deeper Wisdom Tarot Reading you will choose one area or question for us to explore. This reading lasts up to thirty minutes in length and intended to provide guidance to positively inform and illuminate your journey.

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Deeper Wisdom Tarot Reading
Deeper Wisdom Tarot Reading
Yes, I want to book a Deeper Wisdom Tarot reading with Winifred. After payment be sure to click through to the booking calendar to set up your session.
Price: $45.00

Expanded Guidance Tarot Reading:  $75

Have you arrived at a major crossroads in your life?

Are you ready to  peel back the outer layers of the metaphysical onion and gain deeper understanding into a particular situation, pattern or transition unfolding in your life?  Are you seeking to reveal and evaluate the greater spiritual mysteries that are showing up at your door?  Whether it is a decision, a challenge, an opportunity or a new endeavor you wish to manifest, my Expanded Guidance Tarot Reading will allow you discover the keys to unlock transformation.

I provide an in-depth look at the spiritual mysteries, hidden elements and/or life patterns that inform and impact the evolution of your soul so that you can bring about deep shifts and initiate progressive, forward motion.   We will take time to look for any obstacles that need clearing and encourage action that empowers you to co-create your highest potential.

I do not limit the number of cards used. This reading lasts up to one hour in length.

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Expanded Guidance Tarot Reading
Expanded Guidance Tarot Reading
Yes, I want to book an Expanded Guidance reading with Winifred.
Price: $75.00

Tarot for the Entrepreneur: $87

Are you a entrepreneur or a solo-preneur?

Are you feeling both excited and terrified in regards to your process as you pursue your soul purpose and work to manifest your dreams?

As an entrepreneur, there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to stepping into your fullest potential; beyond your passion and business savvy, it takes self-awareness and personal growth to align your soul’s work.

An important component to succeeding in your business, is the wisdom of a perspective from outside your view and this is where guidance from the tarot, can really be an invaluable ally.   I know, because as an entrepreneur myself, I learned first hand how manifesting a dream and living a soul-full life requires deep growth and expansion.  And from that process, I have developed a reading designed to lend clarity, insight and awareness to the key areas that you support on your journey of entrepreneurship.

In your Tarot For The Entrepreneur session, I will serve as your intuitive guide to uncover insight and clarity regarding: your relationship to prosperity and abundance, being visible vs invisible, learning to play big, core paradigm shifts required and how to focus your gifts and skills.

I will use my custom designed spread for your session.  You are welcome to record your session, but you will want to bring a notebook and pen.

Who this reading is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs already in business or in the planning stages
  • You are manifesting a spirit-full and heart-centered business and seeking greater spiritual alignment with your vision
  • You are seeking clarity and insight as you map your success
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered or stuck in your process and want to create a shift
What this session offers:
This session offers you spiritual guidance and is designed to help you look at the hidden elements (the role of YOU in your business)  that support you and/or hold you back as you work to manifest your soul-full vision and soul work.
What this session does not offer:
  • This session is not traditional business coaching in the sense that we will not be covering the mechanics of building your business. (IE: how to write a business plan, finance, marketing, etc)  I might suggest resources I personally found helpful (like the S.B.A or S.C.O.R.E)but it is up to you to find the right resources for your business model.   This session is designed to look at the personal growth, self-awarenesss and soul alignment aspects that impact your success but is often not addressed in traditional business coaching.
  • I do not provide financial or legal advice for business owners

Whether you have embarked on creating your dream business or are still in the planning stages, this session can lend valuable insight and guidance to support you on this powerful but sometimes unsettling journey.

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Tarot for the Entrepreneur
Tarot for the Entrepreneur
Yes, I want to gain deeper insight and guidance to move forward on my entrepreneur journey
Price: $87.00

About Booking an In-person Session

The best way to ensure an in-person session with Winifred is to book in advance. That said, walk-ins are welcome but cannot be guaranteed.  Readings can be booked during weekdays, some evenings and weekends based on schedule availability.  Please note: These readings are for in-person only at AwenTree. (View my online readings offerings here.)

Walk-in Readings:

Instant Insight: $25

Are you looking to check in and receive some quick guidance-on-the-fly?  The Instant Insight Reading is perfect for this.  This is meant to be a shorter style reading offering just what it is called “instant insight” and is 15 minutes in length.  Due to its short nature, this reading is not available for advance booking and is offered as a walk-in reading.  Available only at AwenTree.

(Please Note: Every effort is made to accommodate walk-in readings, as time allows, but walk-in readings cannot be guaranteed.  The best way to ensure an in-person session is to book one of the longer readings offered.)

 What kind of reader is Winifred?

win tarot originalEvery reader has their own, unique approach and method.  I am an intuitive reader and I work by setting aside uninterrupted time to create sacred space and step into the crossroads of where knowledge, intuition and spirit meet.  I focus my energy to provide a personalized reading that is heart-centered and Spirit-led while connecting to you and opening to my spirit guides and allies.

My readings focus on providing insight infused with action.  While a reading can have a predictive nature at times, my readings will not tell your future because that is not my style.  I believe it is part of our divine nature to step into our own co-creative and healing powers as part of our evolutionary process.  Therefore, my readings will always offer positive guidance and actions for personal empowerment even when addressing more difficult situations.

Ultimately, you are solely responsible for the choices you make, but that is where the real magick lies; in the power of you.