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Do you have a burning question?  Are you seeking insight into one situation or decision?  My Keystone Tarot Reading offers you candid clarity into your area of query.  I will work with three to five cards to provide you with succinct guidance and empowering information to your question, from money matters to love.  I work with the Tarot to provide guidance in an attentive, personalized and mindfully written format that includes a digital photo of the layout.

Keystone Tarot Reading (Single Focus) $47

Deeper Wisdom Tarot Reading
Deeper Wisdom Tarot Reading
Yes, I want to book a Deeper Wisdom Tarot reading with Winifred. After payment be sure to click through to the booking calendar to set up your session.
Price: $45.00

Are you seeking to understand the greater vision of your soul’s journey ?

If you have more than one question or aspects of your life that you would like me to take an in-depth look at, then my Soul Path Tarot & Oracle Reading is the reading to choose.

Have you arrived at a major crossroads in your life?

I provide an in-depth look at the spiritual mysteries, hidden elements and/or life patterns that inform and impact the evolution of your soul and offer insight infused with action.  I will combine Tarot and Oracle Cards in your reading to reveal illuminated guidance so that you can bring about deep shifts and initiate progressive, forward motion.

I will take time to look for any obstacles that need clearing and encourage action that empowers you to co-create your highest potential.  Your detailed reading will be candid but Spirit-guided and heart-centered.  I will work with both Tarot and Oracle decks using my custom crafted spread to lend expansive guidance in an attentive, personalized and mindfully written format that includes a digital photo of the layout.   I do not limit the number of cards used.

Soul Path Tarot & Oracle Readings (Multiple Focus) $87

Soul Path Tarot & Oracle Reading
Soul Path Tarot & Oracle Reading
Purchase a Soul Path Tarot & Oracle Reading with Winifred. After payment be sure to click through to fill out your request form.
Price: $87.00

Logistics for Online Readings:

At the time of payment, you will be directed to fill out a simple request form where you will share with me how you would like to focus your reading. (If for some reason, you are not redirected to the form please contact me. I cannot start working on your reading until you have filled out the request form.)  I will confirm receipt of your request within two business days and will send your reading via email within 5-7 business days after  I receive your original request (It may take a bit longer for me to complete your reading if we need time to clarify the intention of your reading).  You can read my policy regarding tarot readings here.

Please provide your question and give me as much background as you feel comfortable sharing. (all that is discussed in a reading is held in the strictest confidence). Please include your full name and birth date. Feel free to include a photo of yourself as well. From this starting point, we may have some more dialogue, via email, to clarify and focus the intention of your reading.

All online readings are delivered via a word document and will include clear, digital photo/s of your reading. I prefer a written, email format so that I can focus on your reading when the alignment is optimal for me to pull the cards without us having to worry about scheduling limitations, time zones and possible long distance communication charges.  An added bonus of a written email reading is that you will have it to go back to as often as you wish and reference for further insight and wisdom as your journey unfolds.

What kind of reader is Winifred?

win tarot originalEvery reader has their own, unique approach and method.  I work by setting aside uninterrupted time to create sacred space and step into the crossroads of where knowledge, intuition and spirit meet. Then I focus my energy to provide a personalized reading that is heart-centered and Spirit-led while connecting to you and the nature of your question.

My readings focus on providing insight infused with action.  While a reading can have a predictive nature at times, my readings will not tell your future because that is not my style.  I believe it is part of our divine nature to step into our own co-creative and healing powers as part of our evolutionary process.  Therefore, my readings will always offer positive guidance and actions for personal empowerment even when addressing more difficult situations.