Get Started Learning Tarot with Winifred

Are you drawn to Tarot cards but don’t know where to begin?

After the excitement of getting your first tarot deck, you might be wondering “now what” ?

Or perhaps you have a tarot deck that is gathering dust because you are overwhelmed by the idea of how to actually work and connect with the cards?

If you ready to dive into learning tarot and need foundational guidance that will build your connection to the cards, then this course is for you.

Get tarot reading with Winifred Costello, AwenTree


Join Winifred for a fun and inspiring tarot course in which she shares her approach to getting started building a relationship with the cards on a daily basis.

From care & feeding, to shuffling & cutting, to cleansing & clearing, to the overall structure to how to read a card intuitively, you will learn Winifred’s top tips for diving into tarot in a user-friendly and easy to understand way.  Winifred will guide you through four video lessons each with a downloadable, printable workbook.

Tarot Classes with Winifred CostelloWinifred will cover core elements to build your connection and relationship with tarot

  • Feeding & Caring for your cards
  • Cleansing, Clearing & Charging the energy in your cards
  • The basic structure of the tarot cards
  • How to read a card intuitively without memorizing the meanings
  • How to create a maintainable daily tarot practice that grows you as a blossoming reader

This is a pre-recorded, online home study course in which you go at your own learning pace and includes four video lessons with downloadable workbooks to accompany each lesson. For the best results, I suggest having a journal, pen and tarot deck before you get started.  A basic notebook will do just fine for your journal.  You can take this course with any tarot deck.  If you do not already have a tarot deck, the Rider Waite Smith deck is a great beginner deck, but if you would like some deeper guidance on how to choose one really resonates with you, be sure to watch my tutorial, How to Choose the Right Tarot Deck for You.

Ready to Get Started Learning Tarot?

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Cost for this course $97


What folks are saying about Get Started with Tarot

" This class provides a great starting point and strong foundation in studying the tarot. I really enjoyed it and It filled the gaps in my knowledge. The workbooks are helpful and Winifred provides tips and recommendations to help develop your relationship with the cards. I know I’ll go through the course several more times and allow the material to sink in deeper. And of course, practice, practice, practice! Thank you again, Winifred. "   -L.F.

" Winifred chooses interesting and helpful topics to help a beginning tarot enthusiast connect to tarot in general and also more specifically to their own tarot deck. The lessons are laid out in a way that they are easy to follow along with your tarot deck in your hands so you feel as if you are getting a one-on-one lesson with Winifred. I enjoyed the lessons and suggestions and feel inspired to work more with my tarot deck! " -M.V.  Holyoke, MA


About Winifred Costello

Winifred Tannetta Costello, Magickal Maven, Tarot Teacher, Tarot Reader, AwenTreeWinifred is a professional tarot reader and mentor, intuitive healer and magickal maven weaving together the powerful spiritual tools of tarot, reiki and every day magick to empower your transformation. She is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher who draws from over 20 years experience working directly with tarot and oracles decks.  She is known for her commitment to empower and inspire her clients and students in the realms of tarot.  She is the founder and proprietress of AwenTree, a metaphysical shop in Massachusetts where her mission is to inspire your unique process of awakening, personal growth and soul evolution.