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Are you standing on shifting grounds;

wishing you had more insight on how to proceed?

I believe that Tarot readings are a valuable tool for spiritual growth, self-awareness and healing; helping us gain deeper insight and understanding of ourselves, our life situations and the deeper mysteries of the soul’s evolution.

Tarot offers us an interwoven journey of wisdom, guidance, mysticism and insight.

Tarot readings are widely known for their “fortune telling” properties, but the cards can show you so much more than a glimpse at a possible future.  A reading allows us to engage in an illuminating dialogue with the cards, and discover valuable information for your reflection, personal growth and transformation.

Everyman Tarot by John Mangiapane

Everyman Tarot by John Mangiapane

Are you ready to embrace the wisdom

of the greater spiritual mysteries unfolding in your life?

Tarot readings with me are a co-creative process, where we will work together to understand the roots of the issue being presented. My readings are heart-centered and Spirit-led.  I see my role as one that is multi-faceted; inspirational coach, empowerment facilitator, psychic and visionary collaborator.

I am passionate about working with individuals who are ready to expand their self-awareness and embrace their inner co-creative spark to manifest and live an authentic, empowered life.

Insight infused with action

In my readings, I offer insight, spiritual guidance and clear actions to create positive change and nurture spiritual alignment with your higher self and soul expression.   I do not believe that our lives are static with pre-determined outcomes.  Rather, I believe that our lives are dynamic and we can choose to embrace our opportunities, lessons and challenges with an open heart and co-creative spirit to uncover the hidden keys that are catalysts in our soul’s evolution.

Whether you are seeking to make change in your life, embarking on a new endeavor or creative project, contemplating career choices, evaluating your relationships to Abundance and Love, or navigating difficult challenges and times of transitions, a tarot reading can lend valuable wisdom.

Are you local to the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts?

I am available for readings, in person, at my shop, AwenTree, which is located in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

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 What kind of reader is Winifred?

win tarot originalEvery reader has their own, unique approach and method.  I work by setting aside uninterrupted time to create sacred space and step into the crossroads of where knowledge, intuition and spirit meet. Then I focus my energy to provide a personalized reading that is heart-centered and Spirit-led while connecting to you and the nature of your question.

My readings focus on providing insight infused with action.  While a reading can have a predictive nature at times, my readings will not tell your future because that is not my style.  I believe it is part of our divine nature to step into our own co-creative and healing powers as part of our evolutionary process.  Therefore, my readings will always offer positive guidance and actions for personal empowerment even when addressing more difficult situations.

Ultimately, you are solely responsible for the choices you make, but that is where the real magick lies; in the power of you.

Are you passionate about the tarot and seeking to expand your personal growth, knowledge and intuition in regards to your relationship with the cards?

I offering customized tarot mentoring for tarot enthusiasts.