5 Steps To Manifesting Your Dream with Irena Miller

Note from Winifred: Ready to learn how yoga can help you manifest your dreams?  I am excited to host Irena Miller as a guest blogger.  Irena is a yoga instructor and teacher who loves to help busy, health conscious, spiritually driven seekers to create a yoga practice that works for them.  In this post she shares… Read More

Milkweed in Autumn

  Milkweed, butterflies and my Mama,  a story of letting go.   Milkweed grows in my untamed garden. I discovered a single plant in my garden several years ago and made a silent promise to nurture it, to help it spread amongst the wild black raspberry bushes. In the shortening days of Autumn I blow… Read More

Minor Arcana cards signaling potential power loss

Learn how the tarot can help you identify when you are giving away your power. When you have plenty of personal power in your reserves you feel energized, clear, capable and positive. When you are lacking in personal power you may feel overwhelmed, drained, confused and like you are dragging through your day. There are… Read More

Enchanted Tarot Readings

Tarot and Feeding Your Wild, Creative Soul

What draws you to the tarot? Tarot speaks the language of wild souls. Is it the emotive images whispering their secrets of a mystical story?   It is no coincidence that you find yourself always in the tarot section of a book store. The wild soul is a creative soul and its language is a… Read More

Uncovering your roots: discovering what lies beneath using a tarot reading. What does it mean to “read your roots” in a tarot reading? When you seek answers and insight in a tarot reading, it is important to look at the foundation, the roots, that uphold you.   Imagine a tall oak or great spruce tree… Read More