The land has awakened into the time of Harvest

The land has awakened into the early days of Autumn.

This time of year, I feel the energy of summer receding as a wave does at the ocean, slipping back and becoming folded under the next arriving wave, the wave of Autumn, that rolls in.   It is a gradual but evident process that brings the shifting of the tides.

Standing on these shores, it is a liminal time.  A time between times, between worlds.


This time of year is one of reflection, evaluating the Harvest.   Do not be afraid to truly review your personal Harvests with an honest eye.  All good farmers know to recognize both what brought them strong yields and what might have happened that diminished their crops.  It is a wise steward that pays attention to these details so that they can make appropriate directional changes but also to stay the course on what works.

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We hear a lot about abundance and “abundance thinking” but what does that really mean and how does that break down into bite size pieces  of reality and daily practice?

Just for today I trust.

For me, this means developing my own belief in “all will be well” and “all is unfolding as it should and for my highest potential and well being” affirmations and maintaining  my connection to Source, my Faith in Spirit alive. I often remind myself of a simple but powerful Reiki truth: Just for today I trust.  Easier said than done some days and in some circumstances.

There  are several great actions one can take to foster this;  a success journal, chanting, yoga, ritual, meditation or prayer; just to name a few.   The keys are tuning in deeply to your Higher Self, allowing space for Spirit to come in (don’t forget to invite Spirit!) and activities that nourish along with grounding your highest vibration into the physical.

After a difficult passage, it is enlightening to see what illuminated your way.

An exercise for nurturing positive belief, instead of a gratitude journal, is to start a “success” journal.  At the end of the day write down three ways in which you were successful no matter how challenging the day or how “defeated” you might have felt.  There is always some success to be found, even if it is the smallest step.   Do this and you will see positive gains with practice.

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