Cleansing and Clearing Negative Energy

Our bodies, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, benefit from releasing the day’s accumulations of energy.

It is my experience that cleansing and clearing for ourselves and our intimate spaces (our home, our office, our mode of transportation, etc) should take place regularly, daily if you can set the time aside, and if not daily, then weekly.

With most of us living very busy lives full of many commitments to our time and energy, I think it is appropriate to develop short Rituals and Methods of cleansing and clearing along with longer, more involved ones.

In Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Practices, you will see teachers encouraging students to set aside even a 5 or 10 minute space for practice.  This could be upon waking, at bedtime or even on a break mid-day.  My hypnotherapist teacher had a 30 second self hypnosis power meditation he would do whenever he arrived at a red light. (yes, he kept his eyes open).  It was a mini-positive-power thought aimed at a current personal goal and he seized the moment to use hypnosis as a mantra in the little breaks that life offered up.

Why all the cleansing and clearing?   We move through life encountering and experiencing all manner of vibrations and varying densities of energies.   After a day of driving around a lot in the warmer months, have you ever noticed how much pollen and bugs ended up on your windshield?   It becomes habit to squirt the window washer on and clear the view.  You don’t wonder if you will have enough time to do it, you just do it so you can see clearly where you are headed.  You still set aside longer time to wash your car on your day off, but you attend to the windshield daily.

Our bodies, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, need similar release from the day’s accumulations of energy.  It isn’t that all the energy we encounter is “bad” or “negative” and most of it is positive, but we will benefit from taking some time to “sweep” or “wash” off energies that have just gotten “stuck” on us by virtue of us having moved through our universe.  These energies might be called “uninformed” energies or just not be in our highest alignment of purpose.

How do you cleanse and clear yourself of old energies from the day that are not in alignment with your highest purpose and vibration?

Many traditions have different methods but some simple ones are “sweeping” and “washing”.

Sweeping would be to sweep yourself clean like you are dusting off a jacket or cloak of a coating of snow.  Sweep downward to the Earth and remember to ask Gaia to transform and release these energies with harm to none, just as She turns compost from old food into nutrient rich compost.  Be sure to get your back, the top of your head, your feet and your hands along with all your chakras.

This is a very easy method that can be applied almost anywhere.

Another is “washing”.  Use your time in the shower or bath to wash away any energies necessary by washing away from yourself and towards the drain.   If you only have a quick moment, even just washing your hands with the intention of releasing any energy not in alignment is helpful.

Smudging with sage or incense is another method and some folks use their Reiki or other energy healing modality.

The important thing is to be mindful to practice cleansing and clearing on a regular basis with a method that resonates with you.

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