Sacred Contracts and the Journey of the Soul

What are your sacred contracts and how do you trace the journey of your soul?

One of the books that I resonate with strongly is “Sacred Contacts” by Carolyn Myss.  If you are not familiar with her work, I highly recommend you check out her work and her books.

In her Sacred Contracts work, she suggests recalling what the adults around you consistently commented on what you would one day “become” when you were very small.  Her concept is that the adults close to us when we are children pick up on important soul “purpose” vibrations even if they might get a bit mis-translated through their human filter.

Reverse engineering to uncover your soul’s purpose.

You could also think back on what you always were drawn to say you would be when you “grew up”.  Remember that this too could be slightly off due to our own human filter but offers valuable insight, a key if you would, into the vibration of your soul.   I have been revisiting what the adults in my world “saw” in me.

What did they see?

What did I see in myself?

What was my original Voice saying?

win with dad hike- cropped

My first 10 mile hike I did with my Dad.

As I have sought to honor those original contracts and to understand how best to support my soul’s purpose, I have seen that it is the Ancestors speaking to me that have guided me when I have lost my direction and when I reach out.  We are supported on our journey by our ancestral lineage.  Their blood runs in our blood and speaks to us in the language of spirit.

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