Tarot and Feeding Your Wild, Creative Soul

Enchanted Tarot Readings

What draws you to the tarot?

Tarot speaks the language of wild souls.

Is it the emotive images whispering their secrets of a mystical story?

Tarot & Oracle Cards

The Druid Plant Oracle, Wayfarer Tarot, Daughters of the Moon Tarot, Sweatlodge Cards & Gaian Tarot pictured here.


It is no coincidence that you find yourself always in the tarot section of a book store.

The wild soul is a creative soul and its language is a sensual one of vibrant colors, delicious scents and luscious textures.   Tarot and oracles cards speak to the many layers woven in the colorful tapestry of your existence.  Some times tracing those threads is quite easy and clear; other times not so much.  Some times your soul is on-fire and in perfect alignment. Other times you are feeling lost.  That’s where tarot (and oracle) cards can lend a hand with unraveling those trickier threads or give you a shot of inspiration when feeling slightly bogged down by life.

Embracing the Seer within

High Priestess cards in the tarot

Daughters of the Moon Tarot, Wayfarer Tarot, Gaian Tarot, & Sweatlodge Cards pictured here.

When you embrace the Inner Seer, you are connecting to that part of yourself that knows how to listen and interpret the messages coming from your higher self, your spirit guides and Spirit itself. Tarot is a portable, dynamic and visual altar.  When you spend time as the Seer, seated at the feet of the oracle (whether working with tarot or oracle cards) your wild soul is renewed and your creative fire is fed.

And here’s a secret.  The practice of embracing your Inner Seer and feeding your wild soul is way more accessible than you may realize.

Think about it.

Were you drawn to the tarot or did the tarot call you to them? 

What is important is to heed the call.  To pick up the cards. (or maybe buy your first deck).  There is no perfect time for playing with your tarot cards in a busy life. You create the perfect time by communing with your Inner Seer and throwing down cards.

Using tarot to ignite your creative fire

Tarot Decks

The Druid Plant Oracle, Wayfarer Tarot, Sweatlodge Cards, Gaian Tarot & Daughters of the Moon Tarot pictured here.


Your wild soul longs to be free and dancing in the wind; to be creating expressively.

But some days you may just feel stuck.

It could be that your creative fire is sputtering or burning low.  Maybe life has gotten too stressful or too busy.  Perhaps you are overdo for meaningful self-care.  Reach for you tarot cards and do a Wild Soul Reading.

Wild Soul Tarot Reading

Ask these four questions and pull a card for each.

  • How do I feed my Wild Soul?
  • What is important about taking time for myself?
  • What do I need to understand about what gets in the way of expressing my wild and creative soul?
  • What ignites my creative fire?
Wild Soul Tarot Reading

The Everyman Tarot by John Mangiapane

Here is how my Wild Soul Tarot Reading came out this morning.

I was having a hard time getting rolling with my day.  I had some great inspiration from the day before on a hike and I was surprised by how stuck I was feeling.  I pulled some cards from the tarot and connected with my Inner Seer.

This is what I got:

Laid out in this order: left to right, top row, left to right, bottom row) it reveals this:

1. Following my heart’s desire feeds my wild soul and informs my creativity. (hiking, gardening, etc)

2. I need to be discipline in carving out the time for doing the activities that make my heart sing. This means I need to set clear boundaries to honor that time and follow through on creative planning; my artistry needs breathing room.

3. My obligations to “duties and chores” (what I think I should be doing) can get in the way of doing the things I am more passionate about.  Finding a more harmonious balance between work and creative play is key.

4. My inner fire is ignited when I give myself permission and space to embrace my creative talents and spiritual practice.  Honor that time as sacred time.

Now it’s your turn

I invite you to play with the Wild Creative Soul spread and share it with others (I just ask that you give me credit for it since it is an original spread).   I would love to hear how this tarot reading spread worked for you.   Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

Tarot feeds the wild soul’s creative heart.

So, you know that you have a unique way of being on the planet, that you are a wild, creative soul.

Tarot has shown up in your life for a reason.

Tarot is a tool that can help you connect with you Inner Seer so that you can listen to, feed and align with  your wild soul.

You make the perfect time by choosing now.


Bright Blessings,

Winifred Costello

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