Tarot Myth Busters

Tarot Decks for Tarot Readings

Are tarot myths getting in your way to working with the cards?

I  frequently encounter some popular tarot myths holding sway out there in the world of divination.  I believe in making tarot more accessible as a spiritual tool. We can choose to free ourselves from limiting beliefs.

Tarot Myth #1: Thou shalt not read for thyself

I am a firm believer that you should read for yourself.  Throw out the reasons why you shouldn’t and instead ask yourself, why wouldn’t I?  But there is a caveat.  So let’s break this down a bit further.

First off, you are your best practice buddy because you are almost always available and curious about the insight tarot offers.

Practice is Queen.

Everyman Tarot Four Queens

Everyman Tarot deck by John Mangiapane.

There is no better way to gain experience than to Practice (with the big P- meaning it is a Priority to Practice what you are learning).  You can choose from single card or multiple card spreads.   You can do readings for yourself for check-in before you start your day or to re-direct your energies if you feel you have gotten off-track.  Single card pulls are great for this.  If you have oracle cards like an animal deck or angel cards, they are great for daily insight.   If you are dealing with a larger concern or want more detailed guidance, then a multiple card spread is the way to go.

Maybe you are wondering how you can be impartial in your own reading.  It is true that it can be tricky to interpret your reading without over shadowing it with what you “want” to hear, but you can learn to discern with a few tips.   Here are my suggestions:

  • Keep a journal of your readings. To develop discernment, it will be important to go back to older readings and write notes on how things ultimately unfolded.  Include observations on how you did for being objective in your readings.
  • Keep a record of which cards and combinations are harder to interpret.  Which are easier?
  • Restrict yourself to one sentence or just several key words for the first information that comes through for each card.  Challenge yourself to jot it down quickly and do not stop to over analyze. Do not go back and edit.
  • Work with a trusted tarot buddy.   Record both the images and your interpretation. Afterwards, share your results with a tarot buddy.  Ask for feedback.  Choose wisely. Ideally you want a tarot buddy that can give helpful, yet constructive feedback.  The idea is to build your skill, confidence and independence as a reader.  Bonus tip: Even better if you then give feedback to you tarot buddy on a reading they did for themselves.  By giving and receiving you will expand in your ability to deliver self-readings.

Permission is now granted to read for yourself.

*So here is the caveat.  I not only believe in giving yourself readings but I also believe in the importance of getting readings.  Especially if you work as a professional reader.  And my wisdom from experience is this: the more you work with others in service (whether as a reader or a healer) the more important it is to invest in your own self-care.  There are times and situations where getting that impartial perspective is vital to increasing awareness and growth.

Tarot Myth #2: Thou shalt not buy thy own tarot deck.

While it is always magickal to be gifted a tarot deck and even more so if it is a deck you love, it is perfectly acceptable to buy your own deck.  It does not negatively impact your ability to read the cards if you buy the deck yourself.  On the contrary, you might be the best person in the world to choose a deck you really resonate with.  I have never, in my many years of experience, found that a deck did not “work” because I bought it. Actually, I have known folks to finally have that break through moment when they purchased a deck they really gravitated towards.  And on a practical level, what if there is no one to buy you a deck?  So, go forth and buy the decks you love.

Permission is now granted to buy a deck you love.

Tarot Myth #3: Thou shalt let no one touch thy tarot cards.

In my experience, letting the person receiving the reading shuffle the cards allows their energy to connect to the reading. It invites divine synchronicity as well as a collaborative energy to enter the space.

Permission is now granted to let others hold your tarot cards.

That said, I do have mulitple decks and they have organically aligned themselves to different roles in my reading practice.  One deck is my designate “public deck” that I use with clients (a pocket size Rider Waite).  I have many other beloved decks.  Some decks like to help with teaching and others for readings.  My Morgan-Greer deck is literally 33 years old and very dear to my heart so I keep it for personal use.  So, I recommend to putting some thought into which decks you will be comfortable letting the public handle if you are professional (or budding) reader.

Tarot Decks for Tarot Readings

This brings up another point to be aware of: cleansing your cards.  This is a good practice.  Here are some methods you can use.  I like to keep crystals with my cards to help clear and focus the energy.

  • Smudge them with sage, cedar, palo santo or incense
  • Reiki Energy
  • Aromatherapy spray  (great option if you cannot burn incense or smudge)
  • Moonlight: Leave them out to bask in the Full Moon light if it is a safe, dry spot.

Using sage smudge to cleanse your Tarot cards


By breaking down three of the most common tarot myths, my goal is to create more accessibility for folks on their tarot journey.  Working with the tarot is a great resource for increasing self-awareness and enhancing your personal development.  The tarot offers us a portal, a dynamic altar,  to engage with Spirit for conversations of wisdom and guidance.

Now its your turn.

Do you have tarot myth you have encounter?  Do you honor it?  Or have you deconstructed it?  Share in the comments below.








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  • lu September 8, 2015, 11:14 pm

    Most excellent encouragement! I myself, never headed these “rules”, as rules in the spiritual discovery realm, bum me out. I am both a spiritualist and a scientist, so these myths needed busting! Thanks Win for giving a more friendly and reasoned explanation than my gut reaction, fuckthat shit, I’ll do what I want! Love you!

    • Winifred September 10, 2015, 12:20 pm

      Thank you, Lu! I think it is always important to check whether or not something resonates with your inner spiritual guidance just like you mentioned. Thrilled you enjoyed my post. Blessings and love, Winifred

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