Where do Pagans, Witches and Earth-centered Traditions find community?

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Where do you find community as a Pagan?

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Many folks come into AwenTree seeking resources to connect with other pagans, witches and earth-centered community.

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Here are some resources for finding others.  This not meant to be an exhaustive list. (Please note: Always practice good common sense and be aware of your personal safety when meeting new people!  This is a resource page and not an endorsement page.)

There are many ways to discover community.

Local Shops

You can find your local pagan/witch shops and get to know them and what they offer.  There might be classes offered (and through classes, you meet other like minded folk) or open events such as Sabbats, Esbats, Moots and Meet-Ups.  Witchvox offers a feature to help you locate stores in your area.

Pagan Pride Day Project

A national organization with local chapters. Each chapter hosts a Pagan Pride Day event for their community and features workshops, public ritual and vendors and it is a great way to get familiar with your area.

Western Mass hosts a Pagan Pride Day called WMPPD.


Festivals are intentional, longer events that are regional and often have a theme or focus.  Some have been running for many, many years and others are newer.  I will list a few here but in no way is this an exhaustive list.

Some ones that are local (or not too far away)

Templefest by The Temple of Witchcraft

Sirius Rising at Brushwood Folkloric Center

CWPN Harvest Gathering


Earthspirit Community puts on several festivals throughout the year.

Covens, Groves, Circles, etc.

Typically these can be a bit trickier to find.  Connecting with leaders in your area can be helpful such as at Pagan Pride Days, public/open Pagan Events  or sometimes local shops have resources.  Witchvox also features a listing.  Groups will want to get to know you as much as you will want to get to know them to be sure it is the right fit for everyone. You might see groups posting their info on social media or other sites but use caution when meeting new people (Be Smart, Be Safe!).

Bring as much as you seek

I hope that these resources help get you started on your journey to find meaningful and like minded community. My last piece of advice is to remember what gifts do you bring to community?   A vital component to community is what we bring to it.  Part of your role is to be a positive member that brings in as much as you hope to receive; co-creating a great network that is stronger for the combine vision, energies and talents of all.




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