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Wayfarer Tarot Deck

Exploration of a tarot deck that is an emotive story teller.

This morning I was excited to peak in my mailbox and see a humble envelope containing my newly purchased Wayfarer Tarot deck had arrived.   This is a new deck being collaboratively created by Stacy Salpietro-Babb and Margaret Shipman.  (the deck is in the process of being created so only the Major Arcana is available right now).

wayfarer tarot (3)

The Wayfarer Tarot deck by Stacy Salpietro-Babb & Margaret Shipman

I immediately sensed a deep soul-full-ness exuding from each image.

I have to admit, I am particular to tarot decks that are emotive story tellers and rich in imagery. I have a perchant for hand done art vs digital (not that there isn’t digitally created, art-full decks that I appreciate and value). Having a fine arts back ground myself, I admired the where-with-all to undertake a huge artistic (and spiritual) endeavor such as crafting a deck by hand.  I personally love seeing the raw texture and expression that radiates from the artist’s hand.  I get lightning bolts of inspiration from exploring the nuances of the spiritual interpretation that is behind the decision making process bringing a card, and therefore  a deck, to life.

The Wayfarer Tarot Deck has a welcoming feel, like meeting up with an old friend. Many of the images are intimate and I feel like I am part of the scene or about to just enter into the conversation.   Each card is mindfully laid out and emanates the spiritual significance reflected in the journey of the Major Arcana.


Engaging the conversation and listening for the story.

I think that we, as individuals, are drawn to certain artists and certain decks for subtle and not so subtle reasons. I always tell folks seeking their first deck or a new addition, that (IMHO) the deck needs to speak to you; interacting with the Tarot means engaging in the conversation in the cards and listening for the story.  As always, some decks resonate more than others, it is an individualized experience. I also believe that certain cards will speak more to you than others depending on your over arching soul work or a particular pattern/cycle/lesson that is unfolding in your life.

I already have a bunch of favorites in the Wayfarer Tarot. That said, having favorites does not mean I don’t like the other cards too. But there were five cards that I felt especially enchanted by, like I was entering a room full of wisdom with hidden gems of insight tucked away in the corners.   Those five were The Fool, The Empress, The Emperor, Hierophant and The Lovers.  

wayfarer tarot (2)

The Wayfarer Tarot deck by Stacy Salpietro-Babb & Margaret Shipman

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, there is probably some subtle spiritual forces affecting why I choose three of those five cards. In my own journey numerically and correlated to the Tarot : I am a 22, 4. That means my personality card is The Fool and my soul card is The Emperor. I am a Taurus so Hierophant is my astrological card.    Your tarot personality card flavors your overall personality while your tarot soul card reflects the deeper flow within.  Most folks have the same card for their personality and soul card (you read more about that here).  Your sun sign is aligned to a major tarot card and Taurus is Hierophant.  Roll them up together and it is understandable that I am creative, free spirit and entrepreneur.

The Fool, The Emperor and Hierophant were walking down the road together…


The Wayfarer Tarot deck by Stacy Salpietro-Babb & Margaret Shipman

I will leave with The Fool, because leaving one place always means arriving somewhere new.  The Fool is the Dreamer, the Traveler and the Experiencer.

We are each the Fool born into physical form and headed on a journey to somewhere.

We all are a gather-er of knowledge from the peoples, places and things we encounter.  I look forward to continuing journey of discovery with this wonderful and rich deck, the Wayfarer Tarot.


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