Creating a Purposeful Vision

When divine synchronicity walks through your door

One ordinary day last spring turned out to be full of divine synchronicity when a lovely and talented woman, named Brigit Esselmont, walked into my shop.  We struck up a lively conversation around tarot and visionary entrepreneurship during which I totally resonated with her approach.  It turned out that she was in the area to teach a one day seminar to entrepreneurs in the tarot realm.  As soon as she told me, I was in.

That single day seminar was instrumental in my signing up for her six month long for Grow Your Tarot Business Online intensive program.   Brigit taught much more than just growing your business, she highlighted the importance of integrating your spiritual work with your livelihood in a conscious, sustainable manner.

Through the portal of her teachings, something in my own soul deeply resonated, integrated and burst forth.  I realized that there were aspects of me that had been like a seed lying dormant in the earth of my visions waiting for the signal from the Universe that the now was the time.  My entire being, mind, body and spirit, underwent a revolutionary evolution and many, many things finally clicked into place. Spiritual Alignment has a way of doing that.

This all set in motion a process to step up my creative game. It was long past time. This created a ripple effect that is still in unfolding. One aspect of this was that I had been wanting to update the original website, for AwenTree, for quite some time.  (I loved the original site, but it needed to be brought into the current era of technology).

In this past year, I feel as though I underwent a visionary upgrade to my soul, and this transformation created profound shifts. Obstacles that had stood in my way, eroded before my eyes. NO became YES.  Sometimes, YES needed to become NO (and it did).  Suddenly, I was ready to make things happen in a way that I haven’t felt in a while.

I reached out into the community and found an awesome WordPress designer to help me with the technical aspects.  I asked Melissa, my original business partner and co-founder of AwenTree, if she would freshen up the logo and she jumped on it with her artistic magick.

Set your sights on the goal but understand and implement the steps you need to take to achieve it.

chariot and strength

The Everyman Tarot Deck by John Mangiapane. Used with permission.

I spent hours in writing, connecting, hiking, and dreaming into being the new website that deploys on Wednesday, Mercury’s Day (also known as Hermes, ruler of communication), May 6th and shortly before my year card in the tarot changes over (Chariot was my year card for 2014, Strength will be my year card when my birthday comes in a few days).   Chariot’s energy totally makes sense when I reflect back on the year I have experience of progressive forward motion and growth with a focus.

So here we are.  Today is the day.  A day of manifesting the vision built from hours of hard work.

No project is ever created in isolation.  While I personally wrote all the copy on the site and took all the photos, there are still folks that contributed to this immense project.

As always, I am forever grateful for all the folks behind the scenes that helped bring this vision forward.  To give a few call outs in particular; Shari Lynn Smith: Web Goddess Extraordinaire, Melissa Pandina: Magickal Illustrator.  To my husband, Nate, for his love and support.  To my daughter, Montana, for her love and great insight on editing some key words.  To the friends and community that have also lent their support and insight (too many to name all of you here). To my dog Juno, who reminds me to laugh, play, and be present.  To all of you, I am grateful.   And as always, I am grateful to the incredible community that supports AwenTree.

This is the evolution of a dream in motion.

I invite you to take a look around and check out all the new site for AwenTree.  We have done our best to be diligent but there may be some unforeseen kinks that need working out, so please be patient.  I would love to hear your feedback.  Feel free to email me or connect on social media.  #awentree.





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  • Anthony May 15, 2015, 6:43 am

    Beautiful writing from a beautiful person.

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