Tarot from the Crossroads of Knowledge, Intuition and Spirit

Everyman Tarot by John Mangiapane

Standing at the Crossroads of Knowledge, Intuition and Spirit

A tarot reading has so much more to offer you than just “telling your fortune”.

Tarot readings lend insight and guidance to understanding a situation, a relationship, a challenge or time of transition.  They offer inspiration and the gift of a fresh perspective.

When you sit down for a reading, you are creating space for the sacred to be welcome. I see the role as a reader as facilitator; you are opening the door for the highest vibration of Spirit to come through.  A reading is much like a date with the sacred in your life; setting aside time for deep listening and receiving.

Are you wondering if a reading is strictly just an interpretation of certain meanings assigned to individual cards laid out in front of you?

Intellectual comprehension of the cards is an important component, but there is so much more taking place in a reading than just stating the meanings.

Experience has taught me that the best way to connect with the cards happens when we stand in the center of a crossroads where knowledge, intuition and Spirit meet.   As a reader, your role is to stand upon the foundation of knowledge.  From that grounded stance, open your intuitive and/or psychic abilities and reach to Spirit to guide the reading.  It is this partnership, a divine union so to speak, that directs the reading.


Everyman Tarot Deck by John Mangiapane; used with permission.

Consulting the cards can lend us significant insights that we might not have realized; valuable bread crumbs of wisdom for the journey.  You can draw upon that wisdom for clarity much like using a GPS for planning and taking a road trip. Ultimately, it is a free-will planet and the role of the cards is not to tell us what to do, but more to open up a conversation with Spirit for expanding our perspective.

 Time Out To Listen; A Date With The Sacred

Too often the busy-ness and pressures of living life ends up consuming our time and energy, crowding out the space that the sacred dances within,  and this can clutter our vision.

When I sit down with the cards, I am taking a focused  “time out” from the hectic and crafting a vessel for stillness; a time of deep listening.  This stillness is the fertile ground that Spirit walks upon and where our higher self can speak directly.

We are not typically taught how important it is to schedule uninterrupted time for clarity of vision. We would never think of driving our cars through a pouring rain without windshield wipers, in fact it would almost be impossible. Yet too often we rush forward in our lives without “windshield wipers” for our personal vehicle, our soul, and wonder why it is so difficult to navigate important events, situations, decisions and even key relationships.

 Why You Should Pull Out Your Cards Now

A wise elder once told me that whenever we come to stuck or broken places, times of indecision, confusion, questioning, searching and even procrastination that is the very time it is most important to stop and reach out to Spirit.  He felt that our soul was calling to us to open the door to Spirit in these moments.

I encourage you to reach for your cards more often than not.

tarot reading 2

Everyman Tarot by John Mangiapane; used with permission.

Not sure which direction to head in?

Need guidance on setting priorities?

Can quite figure out how you are holding yourself back?

Reach for the cards and ask.  Don’t wait to seek input. Don’t put off time for creating stillness.  Sit down and see what message is speaking through the cards.  Discover how clear the view is when you take action to clean off your windshield.

 Forming The Right Questions

Ask. Sometimes it is that simple. Just ask the cards.

That sounds easy enough, but how best to formulate your question?  Tarot cards respond most efficiently to questions that are open-ended and foster a dialogue.  An open ended question is one that engages deeper discussion.  A sample format for forming your question is as follows:  “I am open to receiving the guidance that is most helpful surrounding (blank). Then fill in the subject you would like insight about….such as setting priorities for a project, career decisions, etc.

 Write It Down

It is incredibly valuable to keep a record of your readings and the insights you receive.  This will help develop your skill, increase your awareness and deepen your intuitive abilities.  It is not just the intellectual learning of the cards that enhance our tarot readings,  but also the process of understanding the energetic language of how Spirit is communicating.  Taking the time to write down your readings, even if just quick notes, will help you grow over time.

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